For Parents

HCCS 2018-19 Parent Committees

Parents, thank you for your involvement at HCCS! We strive to keep tuition as low as possible and use the talent and resources of our parent community to enrich our students’ education and school experience. We ask each parent to volunteer on one Committee of your choosing. Your participation on more than one Committee is also welcomed! We appreciate you sharing your time and talents with us.

Descriptions of the Committees follow:

Athletic Committee Want to share your passion for organized sports with our school? Join the athletic committee to pass on your know-how or help create a new sporting tradition by organizing a team.  We currently offer golf (coached by Fred Craig) and chess (through Championship Chess). The school administration is open to adding an additional sport team this school year, perhaps tennis, archery, basketball, or a ski team at Wintergreen?  This committee works with the school administration to identify potential opportunities, gauge participant interest, and facilitate execution of the teams. It also helps the P.E.instructor with The Herculean Challenge Field Day, Thursday May 23rd, 2019, a series of physical challenges and a school-wide competition. Time commitment is greatest during the sport’s season (approximately once/week for a period of roughly 8 weeks), and the day of the Herculean Challenge.

Communications Committee Are you savvy with social media or do you have an eye for graphics and design? The communications committee regularly updates social media (Facebook and Instagram), drafts news stories for the school website, assists with promotional materials for HCCS events, and communicates with HCCS stakeholders. Time commitment is required periodically throughout the school year, about every 2 to 3 weeks.

Fall Fundraiser Committee Men, mark your calendars! This Gentlemen’s Card Night Fundraiser is Saturday, November 3rd 2018 at the Commonwealth Club downtown and is open to the public. Invite your male work colleagues, church friends, neighbors, dads, and brothers and be sure to brush up on your poker skills. Time commitment is greatest in September and October, in the lead-up to the event.

Hospitality Committee Food is an integral part of many gatherings… help us to nourish our children and welcome our guests by being a part of the HCCS hospitality committee. This committee will coordinate both the student hot lunches and also refreshments for our four open houses. The hot-lunch option will be available to families on Mondays throughout the year. This committee coordinates the transportation of the food from vendors like Chick-fil-a, Papa John’s, and others and picks up a healthy side when needed (cost of food is reimbursed). Each member would be responsible to bring lunch to school roughly once a quarter and enjoy the occasion to eat lunch with your student. This Committee also provides refreshments for the Open Houses at HCCS by bringing a dish to share. There will be 2 fall Open Houses (October 11th and November 15th) and 2 spring Open Houses (dates TBD). Time commitment is approximately once a quarter for hot lunch and once or twice a semester for Open Houses.

Parents’ League Co-Chairs The Parents’ League coordinates a variety of fundraisers for the school, including box tops collection, honey hams, and Christmas greenery sales. It also coordinates teacher appreciation week, school Christmas gifts, and sharing and promoting school events and spirit nights. Other activities have included organizing school volunteers, hosting book discussions, and supporting the annual Spring Fling. Interested in co-chairing this year? This post meets monthly with the Head of School for planning purposes and leads the monthly meeting with the HCCS parents.

School Historians Committee This committee coordinates the annual production of two printed materials under the guidance of the school administration. The first, our literary magazine, The Hunter’s Horn, consists of compiled student writing and original artwork. The second publication is our school yearbook, The Arrow, which highlights school-wide activities over the year. The committee also manage the photo sharing application, Homeroom, which is an internal, secure photo-sharing platform for the HCCS community. This committee regularly takes pictures and posts them on the Homeroom app, and uses pictures posted on the app by other parents in publications. Time commitment is greatest in May and June for the magazine and yearbook, while taking and posting pictures on Homeroom occurs periodically throughout the school year.

Spring Fling Fundraiser Committee This annual event is a spring favorite at HCCS, featuring a catered picnic dinner, dessert bar, live music, a variety of themed baskets to raffle, and auction items. Join this committee and help coordinate the food, decorations, auction items, marketing, and more. Time commitment is greatest in March and April, in the lead-up to the event in late April.

Parents’ League

Hunter Classical Christian School has an active Parents’ League that coordinates school volunteers, hosts book discussions, and develops fundraising projects for the school. There are many ways for parents to utilize their talents and become involved in the Hunter community.

Please see our drop-down menu for helpful information on topics such as school uniforms and educational and summer reading materials.

HCCS collects  Box Tops this year to earn money for the school!  You will find the little pink Box Tops on hundreds of packages that you already buy.  Just clip them from packages, collect them in an envelope or baggie, and send them to school when it is convenient for you.  There is a collection box in the school office.  Remember to ask friends and grandparents to clip them for you.  Each Box Top is worth $0.10 for the school and they add up quickly!
Thank you so much for participating in the Box Tops program.  If you have any questions, please contact Vanessa Peete in the school office-708-0048.