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Parent Testimonials

“Hunter Classical Christian School has met and exceeded every expectation we had in sending our daughter to school. It is a school with both a rigorous classical curriculum as well as a Christ-centered world view. The mission states that they aim to challenge the mind, nourish the spirit, and develop the whole child—they are on target! The faculty members are so loving and people truly on mission to raise up the next generation to be thoughtful, virtuous, and Gospel-focused.” -C.R., mother of current student
“The small class sizes, excellent teachers, solid Christian worldview, and wonderful community make this an amazing school we are grateful to send our children to!” -K.G., mother of current students
” I want to sing Ms. McGeorge’s praises…I spent time with her on the field trips and at other times — she handles the children so well and is so good with them!” – J.B., mother of current student

“Our girls have flourished academically, physically, and most importantly spiritually. The teachers are wonderful examples of love, patience, and set the bar high for their standard of academic excellence. The class sizes are small, so the children get a lot of one on one attention, and there is a strong emphasis on character and moral training and teaching. The activities that the children do, coupled with the 2 “recess” times they have keep them engaged academically, but also let them be kids and get out their wiggles enough to explore the outside! The school also takes the approach of coming alongside what the parents are already doing, to reinforce and support the parents, rather than trying to take the place of the parents. We feel so grateful that our girls lives are enriched everyday at this terrific school!” -K.R., mother of current students

“We are so pleased with the progress that Liam has made this year at Hunter, both academically and socially, but also spiritually. He loves the daily chapel routine and always comes home with little spiritual nuggets from his day to share! He has flourished in the Kindergarten classroom and has gained significant confidence in his abilities. Before the school year started, though he loved getting read to, getting him to read aloud was often a chore. But now, he is reading joyfully, and fluently! He loves to make up “math stories” and in general is so excited about learning! I don’t know exactly how the teacher riles them up in that classroom, but it’s been a magical year! We can’t wait to see what next year at Hunter holds!”  -C.M., mother of current student

“HCCS will always have a special place in our hearts for the amazing foundation it has given Ethan. It’s certainly cliché to say…”you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”, but I’m sure there was times we took for granted the wonderful culture and learning environment that Hunter provides.  The fundamental tools for success that Hunter has given Ethan is priceless; he has transitioned so well scholastically, spiritually, socially, and athletically to his new school and the HCCS Community, Board, Faculty and Leadership are to thank for that.  We continue to be so thankful of Hunter and the amazing foundation it provided Ethan!”  -N.H., father of former student who moved out of state

“Our family loves HCCS! The small class sizes and excellent teachers foster a great learning environment in which our children have flourished. HCCS does a wonderful job of incorporating Bible values and a Biblical worldview into the curriculum as well as into every aspect of how the school functions. HCCS really is a Godsend and has been a true blessing to our family.”  -D.R., father of current students

For a longer testimonial, read “One Parent’s Journey to Hunter Classical Christian School”, as published in Completely Kids Richmond.

Portrait of a Graduate

Recently, the family of former HCCS student, Ashton Applewhite, shared his progress at St. Christopher’s School:  Ashton’s latest report card reflected 3 “A’s” and 2 “A+s”! He also is the pitcher for his baseball team. Ashton arrived Portrait of a Graduateto HCCS in the second grade, after his confidence was compromised from his experiences at a much larger, secular private school. Ashton spent three years at HCCS experiencing our lovingly-delivered rigor, structure, the “great books” approach, and individual attention provided by his classroom and Latin teacher “Magistra” Bruce and the other faculty. Ashton’s father credits Hunter with turning Ashton’s academic career around, providing the confidence and transformative experience he needed to succeed. He is a top student at St. Christopher’s and intends to stay that way. His family says, “[HCCS] was the best thing to ever happen to Ashton!”