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Parent Testimonials

“We are so pleased with the progress that Liam has made this year at Hunter, both academically and socially, but also spiritually. He loves the daily chapel routine and always comes home with little spiritual nuggets from his day to share! He has flourished in Mrs. Mills’ Kindergarten classroom and has gained significant confidence in his abilities. Before the school year started, though he loved getting read to, getting him to read aloud was often a chore. But now, he is reading joyfully, and fluently! He loves to make up “math stories” and in general is so excited about learning! I don’t know exactly how Mrs. Mills riles them up in that classroom, but it’s been a magical year! We can’t wait to see what next year at Hunter holds!”  -C.M.
“As a mom and former teacher, there are many great things I can say about Hunter. I love that equal importance is placed across the academic spectrum. I appreciate the two daily recess times which are perfect for growing socially and learning to play cooperatively. I cherish the daily chapel routine where my children are growing both spiritually and in biblical knowledge. Not many schools can say they develop the whole child; however, at Hunter Classical Christian the faculty are devoted to the individual development of students and they do this tirelessly.”   -S.R.

“Our children have flourished at Hunter. The wonderful community of students, parents, teachers and administration have been amazing. Our son and daughter are being so well prepared with a very solid academic foundation in an environment that reinforces Christian values.”   -A.T.

“If I could create the ideal school, it would look exactly like Hunter Classical Christian School. Each morning, when I drop my boys off, I leave with a sense of peace and comfort. It feels so good to know that the values emphasized at HCCS, are the same ones we emphasize and teach in our home. I feel a true partnership with the school and I am so thankful that I can send my children there. They are valued and cared for, yet held to high academic and behavioral standards. My husband and I couldn’t be happier about our choice to send our boys to HCCS.”   -L.S.

“The small class sizes allow the teachers to provide individual attention and responsive lesson plans. The focus on behavior management and busywork that often exists in larger class settings simply is not needed at Hunter.”   -J.M.

“I am so pleased with the classical curriculum of academics at HCCS. When my children recite poems or bring books home from the library, I know the material filling their heads is good, wholesome literature from which they can learn. This is truly refreshing considering the amount of dark or inappropriate “children’s literature” that exists on today’s market.”   -T.K.

“My biggest concern in sending my twin boys to Hunter was that they would be in the same class. I wrestled with the idea that they would become too competitive with each other and have too much time together. Ann encouraged me by saying that the learning environment would teach them both to be proud of their individual strengths. Since we believed in the theories behind the Classical Christian curriculum, we decided to give it a try. It has been the best decision we’ve ever made. My boys are thriving in this setting and their relationship has become stronger because of it. I am continually amazed by their academic and social progress. Hunter has truly been an answer to our prayers!”   -T.M.

For a longer testimonial, read “One Parent’s Journey to Hunter Classical Christian School”, as published in Completely Kids Richmond.

Portrait of a Graduate

Recently, the family of former HCCS student, Ashton Applewhite, shared his progress at St. Christopher’s School:  Ashton’s latest report card reflected 3 “A’s” and 2 “A+s”! He also is the pitcher for his baseball team. Ashton arrived Portrait of a Graduateto HCCS in the second grade, after his confidence was compromised from his experiences at a much larger, secular private school. Ashton spent three years at HCCS experiencing our lovingly-delivered rigor, structure, the “great books” approach, and individual attention provided by his classroom and Latin teacher “Magistra” Bruce and the other faculty. Ashton’s father credits Hunter with turning Ashton’s academic career around, providing the confidence and transformative experience he needed to succeed. He is a top student at St. Christopher’s and intends to stay that way. His family says, “[HCCS] was the best thing to ever happen to Ashton!”